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"If you build it, they will come." Most webmasters learn the hard way that the former statement can't be further from the truth, especially online. Companies lured by the "great reach" of the internet are often dissapointed after getting online. They think that simply being being on the WWW means this precense will somehow, by the "mysterious" power of the internet, be known by everyone else that's wired. The analagy I like to use when describing the WWW is the telephone. Websites on the WWW are like telephone numbers- yes, each and every one of them is accessible to potentially hundreds of millions of people, but unless I explictly tell you my phone number, I can wait until my great grandson is born, and you still won't call me. That's exactly how the WWW works. Just because you have a great site, and perhaps even your own domain, if you can't find ways to promote and tell people about it, they will never know your address, and subsequently, will never visit your site. It's that simple.

This is a pesonal site I created to help webmasters currently in "traffic draught" understand more about ways to effectively promote and advertise their precense online. Hopefully, after reading it, you'll gain a better understanding of how traffic around the web flows, and how to direct some of that to your site. It contains a fine collection of articles and tutorials on web site promotion, many of which are contributed by online marketing gurus. I hope you'll enjoy reading them, and look for many more articles to be added constantly.

New! Reciprocal links- the secret to getting traffic
See how exchanging links with similar sites as yours is a win-win kind of deal...

New! Tips for getting the most out of banner exchanges
Chuck Heintzelman, owner of the Link Buddies network, shows you some great tips to using banner exchanges to drive traffic to your site.

The honest truth about search engines
Most Internet marketers spend way too much time fiddling with search engine rankings - at the expense of other more effective site promotion strategies. Want to know the honest truth about search engines?

The internet and customer support
If you're not using the power of the internet to service your customers, your business will suffer. Learn the way to provide customer support efficiently and effectively- online.

The top ten marketing blunders
There's a reason why your business isn't growing the way it should be. Are you committing one of the top 10 internet marketing blunders yourself?

Using contests to promote your business
See how to use this age-old technique to boast your business online.

Where is all that traffic coming from?
The webmaster of reveals where most of the traffic from his popular site comes from.

Dump that free counter and start tracking
There may have been a time when visible hit counters were cool - but not anymore. Ever wonder why the most popular sites on the web don't have one? There's no need to wonder, this article explains it all.

The science of alternate traffic generation
While you can and should use them, never rely solely on search engines and banners for generating traffic. If you do, your competition will always be a step ahead. Learn the science of alternative traffic generation.

Low cost E-Marketing!
You can market online for a mere fraction of what you may think it costs. Here's how...

The bigger picture- Free vs paid advertising
Sure there's a lot of free advertising to be had on the Internet, but is it the most efficient way to promote your product or service online? There's a time and place for both - discover how and when to use each.

Get busy gettin linked!
An article on how to get other sites to link to you.

Before you submit, meta-tag it!
The most important thing to do before you submit your site to any of the search engines.....

Getting your own domain and what it can mean to your traffic
Here's another reason why you should move out of your free web host and get your own domain- traffic!

Yahoo! E-list, or free promotion?
This is an article comparing the actual results of the effectivess of some of the popular ways to promote your site as experienced by one marketer.

Publishing for publicity
E-zine and discussion group publishers are increasingly gaining ground over those online marketers who don't utilize these tools. Don't miss this article if your business still hasn't started an opt-in mailing list.

The cyber-two step
An article on getting your internet marketing campaign underway and in full swing.

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